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We’ve all heard the term ‘animal people’ and there is no other term that better describes our family.  We are a family of six with three of our four children still under our roof, immediately involved in the care and rearing of the animals bestowed our overseeing.   In all honesty they are more than just involved, this is their venture.  Dale and Holly help with the logistics and offer guidance when it comes to financial and business decisions, but the brunt of the ‘work’ is done by Tara, Chase and Kadie as this ‘project’  is to supplement their college tuition and give them something to return home to after college.
The Hummel’s backstory sets the scene for where they are today.  Both Dale and Holly were drawn to animals and animal-based projects as kids and as they matured both chose to pursue their passions, which included immersing themselves, and in turn their children, in multiple animal-driven fields.  Dale spent 20 years as a Professor of Animal Science before retiring so he could be more involved in home business ventures.
Tara, Chase and Kadie, all of whom play key roles in the raising of our beautiful French Bulldogs, are interested in pursuing careers in animal fields.  Tara will be graduating high school this spring and is looking to continue her education in animal agriculture and quite possibly becoming a veterinarian.  Chase, the brain-child, plans to pursue genetic engineering with a passion for engineering animals that will be free from ailments. And then there is Kadie, who is a kind-hearted soul that spends every spare minute loving on baby animals.  Kadie plans to return home after finishing school to continue to raise these lovely little bundles of joy.

Tara Hummel


A smoothie loving, 17 year old who is active in FFA, 4-H, honors society & volleyball.

Chase Hummel


An 8th grader who loves all things science, philosopy and anything with buffalo sauce.

Kadie Hummel


An animal loving, 12 year old who is competitive in basketball & volleyball.

“Intelligent people who undoubtedly love their animals.”

"Working with and purchasing from the Hummel's has been a pleasure. It is evident from the beginning and through every interaction that this is a family affair and their animals are given every opportunity to thrive."
Logan VanAllen

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