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Available French Bulldog Puppies

Zeus x Blue

We were super excited to have the opportunity to breed Blue to Zeus from Love My Pups, a beautiful lilac male with tan points that is a son of the famous Don Chalk from the UK. Zeus’ color profile is dd bb atat emem Ee kyky Ns.


Born January 17th, Blue delivered four beautiful pups – three males and one female.  Puppies are doing fantastic and growing at an impressive rate.  They have had their dewclaws removed and DNA sent off to Animal Genetics for color testing.  All of the pups are blue with tan points.  A 50% deposit is required to reserve a puppy, with the final payment due before the puppy leaves us.  Feel free to text or call Holly @ 815-405-4116 or Tara @ 815-584-7601 to discuss these beautiful puppies.  We would be excited to help you choose the right puppy for your family.


I swear Indigo, aka Indy, knows she is the only girl in the litter and she acts like quite the little princess.  She is a petite puppy, only about two-thirds the size of her brothers. Her tan points get stronger by the day and her ears have already started to pop up.

SEX:            Female

COLOR:      Blue and Tan

DNA:           dd BB atat EE emEM kyky Sn

PRICE:        $5,500 Pet/$7,500 Full Registration


We all love Grapejuice.  He has his momma’s ‘chill’ personality.  He loves to be cuddled, snuggled and smothered with attention.  Turn him belly up and he just lays back and basks in the attention!


SEX:             Male

COLOR:     Blue and Tan

DNA:           dd BB ata eE emEM kyky Sn

PRICE:        $5,000 Pet/$7,500 Full Registration

Blue Bear

Blue Bear is the biggest in the litter with an absence of any white on him like his siblings.  His personality is similar to that of Grapejuice – laid back.  Blue Bear is Tara’s favorite puppy.

SEX:           Male

COLOR:     Blue and Tan

DNA:          dd BB atat EE emEM kyky nn

PRICE:       $5,000 Pet/$7,500 Full Registration


We love sharing our home with our Frenchie mamas and their beautiful puppies!  Puppies are raised in our home where they get loved and cuddled throughout the day.  We are also working on litter training puppies already as well!

Getting Your Puppy Home

Road Trip

You are welcome to come to our home to pick your puppy up once he/she is ready.  We are also willing to drive half way or up to three hours to meet you with your puppy.

Flight Nanny offers in-cabin transport for $450.  The cost of the soft carrier needed to transport the puppy in-cabin is an additional $50.  We would meet the transport nanny at the airport on our end and you would do the same.

Ship Unaccompanied

Shipping snub-nosed breeds via cargo is not recommended and something that many airlines have stopped allowing.  The pet compartment on planes is pressurized and temperature controlled, but animals are subjected to the elements while being loaded on and off the plane. 

“Intelligent people who undoubtedly love their animals.”

"Working with and purchasing from the Hummel's has been a pleasure. It is evident from the beginning and through every interaction that this is a family affair and their animals are given every opportunity to thrive."
Logan VanAllen

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