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Here at Blue Reign French Bulldogs, we are proud to be a small, family-owned operation. Our dogs are an important part of our everyday lives; they live in our home, cuddle with the kids on the couch, spend the day in the office with Dale and Holly and are ultimately our best friends.

The French Bulldog comes in a plethora of color combinations.  We have chosen to focus our program around the four recessive colors/patterns; blue, lilac, tan points and cream/platinum.  However, we are not single-trait selecting for color.  The health of the puppies produced at Blue Reign is our first priority and will not be sacrificed in order to make gains in other aspects.

Body type and size is another area of focus that is important in our selection and breeding process.  This incredibly popular breed, ranked 6th out of 193 breeds by the American Kennel Club, is to have a compact, muscular build with large, erect bat ears.  While the breed standard allows for a height of 11-13″ and a weight of up to 28 pounds our goal is to stay on the smaller side of the scale.


Blue is a beautiful blue and tan with an independent, chill personality.  She loves to have her chest scratched and has been given the nickname “Yoga” because of the way was bends her head backwards to fully expose her chest for a good scratch session.  Her favorite place to be is sharing Holly’s chair while she is working at her desk.

Weighing in at 18 pounds Blue exemplifies the tighter structure and hide that we are striving to produce.  She has a stunning head and ear and just enough snout to make breathing easy.  We hope to see Blue produce a foundation male that will be a cornerstone in our program, both because of structure and size, as well as his color genetics profile.


Ever is an extreme pied girl who loves ALL the attention.  She is a master at cuddling and her goal in life is to be with her people at all times.  If she doesn’t have a human to cuddle she is happy to ‘settle’ for snuggling up with Blue.

Ever is a very stocky 20 pounds. She’s a short backed, cobby bodied little thing.  We love the fun-factor that the pied markings bring to the table and look forward to making some beautiful pied babies.

“Intelligent people who undoubtedly love their animals.”

"Working with and purchasing from the Hummel's has been a pleasure. It is evident from the beginning and through every interaction that this is a family affair and their animals are given every opportunity to thrive."
Logan VanAllen

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